Indian’s Gold Man beaten to death by mob.

    Datta Phuge , an Indian businessman popularly known as “Gold Man” who became popular in 2013 for buying one of the World’s most expensive shirts . A customized gold shirt worth 12.7 million rupees , about $240,000 dollars at that time . The shirts was made entirely with gold .

    He was beaten to death by a mob in western India.

     The gold shirt was made up of 14 000 pieces of 22 carat gold , weighed 3.32 kg [7.3 pounds] and was put together by 15 craftsmen over 16 days.

    Reports say that he was set upon by about 12 people , who dragged him out of his car and and beat him to death with stones and sharp weapons .

   The attack was witnessed by his son and he was spared by the killers .The police said they suspected motive could have been a dispute over a money transaction .

    Four men have been arrested , among them is Phuge’s nephew . They invited him and his son to

    Phuge was lured to the place he was attacked by one of the suspects . They invited him and his son to a birthday celebration.

      “Everybody knows me as the ‘gold man’ in the whole region. Other rich
people spend one core (10 million rupees) to buy Audis or Mercedes, to
buy what they like. What crime have I done? I just love gold,” he told
AFP in 2013.

“Gold has always been my passion since a young age. I’ve always worn
gold as jewellery in the form of bracelets, rings, chains,” he added.

     Phuge was a money lender from pure in  Maharashtra and was nicknamed ‘gold man’ .

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