How to make your Windows 10 PC run more faster and smooth

    Today we are giving you a very basic tips that will you have a good experience while using your windows 10 PC.

     According to experts , Windows 7 and XP are the best in terms of hardware and UI management . The latest Windows 10 is a bulky OS . So if you are among the people who have updated their Windows OS , you will be facing issue of reduced performance [especially if you were using Windows 7 ]. This tips should help you improve performance on your computer by cleaning the clutter you don’t need [cleaning of unwanted applications running in the background ].

         Tips that will keep your windows to run faster and smooth

    1.Prevent programs from loading on startup .
        Some programs are launched on startup , these programs are the programs that try to provide fast access to . But this approach in is less efficient at times  when such programs seldom used . To stop this , you have to visit the startup tab of the task manager {Ctrl+Shift+Esc}OR you can use Microsoft’s official “Autoruns for Windows . The tool is used to see whats launching alongside the OS . From there you can disable anything you don’t want to . If there is any entry or application you are not sure about , I advise you leave it.

    2. Disable background apps   
       Some apps run in the background by default , luckily , you can change this settings . To modify software running in the background , go to settings from the start menu , then click privacy and background apps . Turn off the toggle switches next to have running all the time . Of course , you can still launch these programs manually if you need them again .

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   3. Clean up the disk 
      Microsoft’s Disk cleaner utility has survived through all of the recent windows upheaval and is still a great way to sweep out some temporary data and unnecessary files taking up room on your hard drive.
Right click any drive in file explorer then choose properties and disk cleanup under the general tab to find the program . It targets file including system memory dump files and temporary internet files and you can review its findings before clicking the OK button.

4. Uninstall unnecessary apps  
      Unused applications don’t necessarily do your PC any direct harm , but they take up valuable hard disk space and room in the memory , and they make the Windows OS to work more than it should have worked   .They can also cause incompatibility issues with other devices .
    Type “uninstall in the search box then pick change or remove a program to see all the applications currently stored on system . For any that have been used for a few months , click the relevant icon and select uninstall , then follow the instructions on the screen to complete the process.

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