How to add Facebook page plugin with timeline, events and messages to your blog

How to add Facebook page plugin with timeline, events and messages to your
Facebook page plugin

  The latest Facebook page plugin is now much more better than the old Facebook plugin that comes only with like ,share and contact us buttons . The latest Facebook page plugin comes with Like ,share ,contact us ,timeline , events and message buttons which makes it more bigger and better .

    In this tutorial I will show you how to add the latest Facebook plugin to your blog without the stress of editing HTML codes .

     If you don’t have a Facebook plugin on your blog ,I will advise you to add it because it has many advantages . For instance , a visitor to your blog who loves your quality and unique articles will like to like your page in order not to miss any update , he will like your page without stress of going to search for you on Facebook . And will also help to increase page views ,reduce bounce rates ,increase the number of returning visitors ,increase your SEO and also increase your site popularity when your readers share your post .

   The new Facebook plugin will has many new features which you can’t afford to miss ,that’s why I decided to share it . The new features in the latest Facebook plugin like the message box will reduce the stress of    adding large Contact form to your blog to slow down your page loading speed and also your get messages directly to your messenger as soon as the message is sent .

    To add the latest Facebook page plugin to your blog , just copy the coded below and paste it on your blog .

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  1. Login into the blog your want to add the page plugin

  2. Go to Facebook page plugin .

 3.Go to the tabs and add events, and messages .

4. After that , click on get code .

5. It will show  a new window , go to iframe and copy the code .

6.  Go to your blog layout .

7. Go to add gagdet , then html and paste the code .
8. Then save and you are done .

Enjoy .

If you have a question ,just feel free to drop it in the comments .

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