Samsung Galaxy S8 Specs ,Features and release date

Samsung Galaxy S8 -Specifications ,Features and release date

Samsung Galaxy
  Samsung Galaxy S8 is preparing to Unveil its new pair of Galaxy S8
smartphones . The smartphone is different from other past model . According to
Venturebeat  , the Samsung Galaxy lack
the traditional navigation buttons found on handsets for the past seven years ,
they will they will come with a display even larger than Samsung ‘s  traditionally oversized second-half flagship
,the Samsung Galaxy Note .
    The picture above and the one below gives us a better look
of how the Samsung Galaxy S8 looks like . The yet to be lunched looks clean,
and also ,the phone looks like its predecessor ,the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge .

Samsung Galaxy S8 Specifications


    The Samsung Galaxy S8 comes with 5.8 -6.2 inches QHD super
AMOID screens  that cover 83 percent of
their  front panel . The latest Samsung
Galaxy has no space for the front buttons . The company is moving to software
keys .


  The battery will be 3000Mah and 3500Mah respectively.


  The Ram will be conservative 4GB instead of The 6GB initially
expected .


   The camera will feature 12 and 8 megapixel sensors on the
back and front ,respectively . They will come with last year ‘s f/1.7 aperture.
The Samsung Galaxy S8 is endowed with another sensor S8 with the same
iris-scanning capability that debuted in the ill fated Galaxy Note 7 for
   The Main Camera allegedly posses a new visual search
functionality ,with icons appearing on screen that allows the users to indicate
the type of search to be performed ,that is OCR-enabled web search on
Photographed text ,for example ,it can be used to search for products on a
shopping site.

Samsung Galaxy S8 operating system.

   The phones will come with Android Nougat and may the phones
may include different system-on-chips  depending on the sales region, that is Qualcomm
Snapdragon 835 in some and Samsung Exynos in others .  All will have processors made using
10-nanometer fabrication methods. This is said to make the phones 11 percent
faster than the Galaxy S7 ,it will also be 23 percent faster in graphics
processing ,but still 20 percent more energy sufficient .

Storage .

   A pair of Samsung Galaxy S8 will come with 64GB internal
storage ,and will be supplemented by a 256GB capable microSD card slot.

Body .

   The two models are confirmed to be both featuring dual-edge
panels ,will measure in at 5.8 and 6.2 inches respectively ,while their aspect
ratio is moving away from the standard 16.9 to a wider 18.5:9.
It kept all the overall dimensions similar to the two S7s .
   The bottom of the device ,has a headphone jack ,the headphone
jack is sitting next to USB-C port ,the one on the right looks like microSD
,but it is reported to be an optional illusion . The single grail at the bottom
will be part of a stereo system ,so you should expect an upgrade from last
year’s dull speaker.

Samsung Galaxy S8 new features.

    One Value-added feature is the ability to connect the
handset to s monitor for a desktop view of Android that can be controlled with
a keyboard and mouse ,like the Microsoft Continuum ,called Samsung DeX, though
it requires an optional ,HDMI-equipped dock.
   Another new and awesome feature is the Samsung’s version of
the Google assistant ,known as Bixby . it was said to be able to handle more
complex commands than its competitors ,such as the multi part instructions ,and
its launched by a dedicated button on the side of the devices.
   The pressure-sensitive input technology known as force touch
is finally coming to the new Galaxy Brand ,with the lower part of the display
supposed capable of distinguishing between different types of Screen process .
Apple was the first to include a similar technology on 2015’s iphone 6S and 6S

Launch details .

   They Samsung Galaxy S8 models will be launched on March 29
.I think the cause of the delay in launching is because will take more time to
test the critical model, due to the bad experience they hard last year when
Samsung Galaxy S7 Note started exploding and this made some Aviation company toplace a ban on coming on board with the said Samsung Galaxy S7 Note.
The information at hand shows that the phone will land on
the stores shelves a week after the launching .
Samsung Galaxy
   So you can check back our site then to know more about the
prices and how you can purchase it online at ease .


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