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     In this tutorial, I will be teaching you how to get free tools to automate your website. Most of these tools are sold on other websites at a very expensive rate. Sometimes, you have to pay large amount of money to these big websites in other to use any of these tools.

    In this tutorial, I will reveal the secret to all my users.

    There is a new company that gives these tools for free. The name of the company is

   This company gives these tools for free. They have so many mouth watery features.

   Sign Up Now.

    Some of the features are :

  They have the Most Effective Email Capture
   Pop-ups don’t have to suck. Especially when they’re this good. With List Builder, you create           beautiful pop-ups that appear on clicks, timers and before people leave.
 They also have the best share buttons for sharing your posts to social networks.
Share brings more visitors to your pages with highly customizable, mobile and desktop-optimized share buttons.
 They also track where your visitors click.
Ever wonder where your visitors really take action? Heat Maps shows you exactly where your visitors click the most.  
This awesome feature have never been seen on any other website. 
  What are you waiting for ?

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