How to login to the new Google search console dashboard

new Google search console

So many people have been trying to login to the new google console but cannot, that’s why I made this post on how to login to the new Google Search console dashboard. I will be showing you step by steps on how to do this.

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That’s why you must work on your SEO and always check your Google search console dashboard always to know you ranking statistics. That’s why I deemed it fit to show you how to login to the new Google search console dashboard in other to be able to view your statistics the new way and make neccessary improvements to continue ranking higher on Google. Apart from Google, you can also get organic traffic from Bing, yandex etc. Sometimes you can be getting traffic from social networks at the initial stage while you build your SEO to rank higher on search results.

The latest news in town now is the new Google search console
dashboard. Though it looks like they are still working on it. It has so many
new features that have been added to it including the change of its colour to
black among other amazing changes.

How to login to the new Google search console dashboard

  In this post we are
just trying to give you a link you will use in other to take a look at how it
is. In our next tutorial, we will show you all the new feautures.
  See link below
   Click here to go to the New Google search console 
   Click on the link above to go to  login to the new Google search console dashboard.

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