How to make money on Facebook

How to make money on Facebook


I am showing you how to make money on Facebook. Some people think that is hard to earn from Facebook but that’s not true.

    Do you know you can
make money on Facebook? Have you tried making money on Facebook and you
    In this post, I
will show you how to make money on Facebook. Some people think that Facebook
is a place you chat with friends and connect with pen pals. Others think that
it’s a place where you post your best picture and nice moments.
  Some people who call
themselves slay queens and slay mama thinks is all about sharing fake things
and getting  1000 likes per hour. Do you
know you can turn those likes to money? Do you know that you slay those your
boys and slay money from their pockets into your bank account.
   Do you know that
Facebook have made so many millionaires even billionaires in the previous years?
Do you know you can make money from Facebook?
I am not those  type of people
that tell you to comment below to get the information.
  I am going to break
it down one after the other.
     The easiest way
to make money online from Facebook In Nigeria is through affiliate marketing.
    What is Affiliate
    This is a type of
marketing where you serve as the middle man between the Seller and the Buyer. You
will get the buyer and the seller will pay some percentage of the money. Some
pay 10%, take for instance you sale a mobile phone worth 100, 000 and you know
that 10% of the ,money is 10,000. You are now 10,000 richer. What if you made
10 sales that week, calculate it for yourself.
   The best website to
earn from.
         You can sign up for Jumia affiliate and make huge money when you sale a product.
  You only have to
Sign up for a free account.
Confirm your email address.
Then go to their official website at
   Select any product of your choice.
  Copy the link of the  product.
 Go to the affiliate website and go to generate affiliate link.
  Paste the link and  it will add your affiliate link to it.
 Then share the link to your Facebook Profile or group if you have a big group.
You can also earn money from Konga. Just follow the above steps we listed under jumia.
You will make cool cash.
 Hope this article help you. If you have any
problem, drop it in the comment box.

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