How to secure or protect your Facebook account

How to secure your facebook account


How to secure or protect your Facebook account from hackers, How to secure your Facebook account


I will be showing you how to secure your Facebook account in this new post. For the past two years, there have been an increase in Facebook  account hacking. Almost every week, my friends complain about how their accounts have been hacked by unknown individuals. Most times the hackers use the account to scam people of their hard earned money. Most times they may trace it to the owner without knowing that the owner is not aware of the scam.

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They are some precautions which every Facebook user have to apply in other to secure his account. In this post, I will be showing you how to secure your Facebook account. Facebook is also on its part working tirelessly to protect your account, but they cannot do it all for you, you have to help them by applying the precautions I will be showing you below.

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Facebook has a lot of tools to secure your accounts, below are what you have to do. How to secure your Facebook account…..


  1. Choose a strong password:

This is the most important thing. Always try to choose a very strong password. A strong password is not a long name or combinations of name and date of birth.

A strong password is a password that has both lower case, upper case, numbers, symbols and other mixed characters. It should be 14 characters and longer. You should also have different passwords  for different accounts.

      2.Don’t disclose your password to anybody:

Do not disclose your password to anybody, no matter who the person may be. Sometime ago, a lady met me and asked me to help her recover her account. I inquired to know how the person got her password and other login details, she told me that she disclosed it to her boyfriend and now they are separated so her Ex. Is try to deactivate her account to hurt her.

Don’t let such a thing happen to you. Never disclose your password to anybody.

     3.Never login on any website that is not secured. In other words, a website that is not running on https.

Any website without https can leak your data to hackers. Some hackers use this method to get passwords of their victims. On no account should you login on any unsecured website.

I will be making another post on how to detect any unsecured website. Just watch out for it.

  1. Never login on public computers E.g Cyber café.

Logging in on cyber café is not adviseable because it’s a public computer and its been used by  many people. You can login there and leave and the browser saves your password and any other person can have access to your account. So it not advisable to login on public computer. Also don’t login on your friends computer, this same thing can still happen.

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  1. Turn on two factor authentication/ User Login Approvals:

This is a nice feature that Facebook added in other to secure your account. Believe me strong password alone cannot secure your account. The principle behind it is simple, you get a confirmation after typing your login details. This way , your account is secured. This works as the normal OTP used by banks to verify ATM transactions.

  1. Audit apps that have access to your accounts

You have to check apps that have access to your account regularly. This will help you to detect bad apps and remove the access. To see the apps that apps that have access to your account,

Go to Settings , Click on apps and all apps that you are logged in will show. From there you can emove the ones you don’t want.

  1. Add trusted contacts:

This is a new feature that Facebook added. You add this trusted contacts in other to help you login to your account when you locked out.  Its allows you to add three to five contacts .

  1. Make sure your email account is secured.

  2. Always log out after using a public computer but its not adviseable to login on public computer. Refer to Number 4 to see reasons.

  3. Always run Antivirus on your computer.

  4. Always check on any link before you click.

This is very important, so many accounts have been hacked using this method. Sometime ago they will send a link and tell you that they saw your photos online and once you click, they will redirect you to a place you will login, once you do that, they have succeeded  in stealing your password.

  1. Always change your password every 2-3 months.

  2. Always accept friend request from people you know. Do not accept friend request from people you don’t know.


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