How to stay safe when using the ATM

How to stay safe when using the ATM

How to stay safe when using the ATM

How to stay safe when using the ATM should be the first thing you should learn before using the ATM. This post will walk you through on how to stay safe when using the ATM.

   In this 21st century, everybody know what is ATM [ Automatic Teller Machine]. We use It on
daily basics both online and offline. It’s the most convenient way to do any
transaction because its fast and easy. You don’t have to wait on a long queue
to withdraw money, no matter that sometimes may be a long queue at the ATM
but  believe me it is faster than going
into the bank to withdraw from the counter or do any transact from the counter.
  Lately, some group
of people have devised a means they use to steal people’s ATM cards and pins,
some steal  your bank logins and divert
your cash to their own bank accounts for personal use.
   In this tutorial, I will be showing you how to stay safe when using the ATM. I know its heart
breaking when you get dupe.
 The threat from this criminal entities should not put you out of using cash machines, but its always
good to be careful when using the cash machines.
  Without wasting
time, let get started.
1.       Do not reveal your pin or any other
sensitive detail to anybody including your bank.
If there is any issue with your ATM card,
the bank will call you. Some of this criminal entities usually send messages to
their victims telling them to send their ATM pins and other sensitive detail to
2.       Do not login your ATM details on any
website that is not secured.
Its not advisable to login your details to
any website that is not secured because your data may be stolen and used to
dupe you. I know you may be curious to know what a secured website is. It’s a
website that has https. Any website
that has this Https always has a key on the top of the browser to show that the
website is secured.
3.       Always protect your PIN.
This will act as a shield. The people
nearby will not be able to know your PIN.
Avoid inputting your PIN if there are
people too close to you and never reveal your PIN to anyone, not even bank
Four numbers are easy to remember. Never
write down your PIN as a note in your wallet or handbag. Doing so will provide
thieves with your cards and PIN in one fell swoop, meaning they can access your
account straightaway.
Fraudsters essentially require access to
your PIN to obtain cash from an ATM with your card, so always make sure you
protect it.
4.       Report immediately to your bank if it get
stuck in the machine or lost.
If you lose your ATM report as soon as soon
as possible to your bank, you should also report to your bank id the machine
seize your ATM.
5.       Don’t withdraw cash when you are drunk.
If you have alcoh*l in your system, don’t go
near the cash machine, talk less of withdrawing. If you do that, you may end up
revealing your password to strangers.

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Hope that this information was helpful. Drop
your own ideas below let others learn from you.

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