How to submit your website to Facebook Free Basics

How to submit your website to Facebook Free Basics
   We are showing you the secrets on how to submit your website to Facebook Free Basics and get tons of traffics for free. Take a sip and read through

Facebook Free Basics is a platform that makes the internet accessible to more people  by provide them with range of free services like news , maternal health ,travels , etc . Since Facebook Free Basics was introduced , it has been able to offer services to billions of people all around the globe .

For example , when you log into your Facebook account , you will see a notification bar at the top telling you your are on free mode , that means you can chat , view peoples timelines , post etc without data . That is the free basic we mean . If your services are listed on free basics , people can access it even when they don’t have any active data Plan.

Free Basics is part of the Internet. org by Facebook Initiatives

Why you should submit your website to Facebook Free Basics.

1.    It will provide free access to your services for millions of people who are already using free                basics on their mobile phones across Asia , Africa and South America.
2.   Provide useful tools and information. It will provide useful information to the individual at no             cost .
3.    Share local content with local communities.
4.   Adapt your existing services or mobile apps .

Step on to How to submit your website to Facebook Free Basics  


2. If you have not logged in to your your Facebook account , then you log in with Facebook.
3. Enter your business name .
4. Enter your name . It must be your Facebook username .
5. Enter your Email address . It must be the same with your Facebook Email address.
6. Enter your mobile Number .
7. Then enter your country .
8. On the next box below it , Enter your site URL , enter your site category , Upload your site logo then      your are done with the second step .
9. Then next , enter a message in which the person who reviewed the site will see in the box .
10. Then scroll down and tick the box after acknowledgement .
11. After that submit your application ..
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Note .

Before submitting your website to Facebook Free Basics  , make sure your read the participation guidelines  and thetechnical documentationbefore submitting your blog .
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