World’s first bendable smartphone set to be launched

World’s first bendable smartphone set to be launched by the end of year

World's first bendable smartphone

        The World’s first bendable smartphone set to be launched by the end of year. This mobile phone is awesome because you can bend it and wear it like a watch. See all the specifications below

   A small start up claims that it is going to start selling the world’s first bendable smartphone by the end of this year. The device is produced by Moxi Group ,they will feature touchscreen that can still work looped and worn like a watch or a bracelet , and it also functions stretched , flat like any other smartphone.

The new company based in Chongqing , says it is planning to ship 100,000 of their flexible devices in China by the end of the year , which will cost around 5,000 Yuan each .

The bendable screen use graphene , the thinnest material in the world that is also strong , light , transparent and flexible . The company says , it has already produced an example of the phone and plans to produce 100,000 units for sell in China by the end of the year.

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The phones to be released initially will be in black and white displays . The company says its aiming for a full coloured version , which is more technically challenging to make by 2018.

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Moxi is based in China and specialize in graphene , released some smartphones made with graphene last year. The company’s name is pronounced “Mou-she” meaning graphene in chinese.

World's first bendable smartphone

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