How to create a Blogger Blog for free

How to create a Blogger Blog for free. 100% WORKING

how to create a blogger blog for free

We are showing you how to create a Blogger Blog for free in this new tutorial. Many people have been asking me about how to create a blogger blog and I decided to make this post.

Young entrepreneurs/ Blogger who have little or no startup capital can start their business or blogging carrier on  Blogger is free hosted platform where you can create a blog/ website for free. What we mean by free hosted is that you do not have to buy hosting for it.

I know that people reading this post are newbie in blogging so I need to explain what hosting mean. Hosting is a space where all your website files are stored. In the case of Blogger, they have already provided it for you for free of charge. Blogger platform is also recommended because of its security.

Before I dive into how to create a Blogger Blog for free, there are some requirements you must meet before you can be able to create the blog.

It may interest you to know that started on Blogger.


   1.   A gmail account.

This is the most important requirement. Without it, I don’t think you can  register .

  2. A mobile phone or laptop. We recommend laptop.

  3. A modem.


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4. A Web browser

When all this are ready. You can now start your journey.

 Steps on how to create a blogger blog for free.




Sign up with your Gmail Username and password.

It will now take you to the link selection page. On this page, you will add the domain name your want to answer. E.g Note you cannot use .com for now because its on blogger but don’t worry, you can still add it later.


Once it ticks a green good or show that the link is available. Click on save.



Voom, you have created your first blogger blog.


You can now get your themes from


If you have any question regarding any of the above listed processes, drop it in the comments below and we will try our best to reply it.


We will still post about how to add a custom domain and customize your theme later.


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