How to know if a website is scam or a scam website

How to know if a website is scam

 I will walk you through on how to know if a website is scam or scam website. This is very important in other to stay safe while surfing the net.
 These days, its good to check every website you want to do business with to know if they are real or scam because they are many scam websites everywhere. Sometimes you may fall into hands of hackers who wants to steal vital information from you or fraudsters who want to defraud you. The best way to do this is to run a quick
review on the website, email addresses or phone number of the person. Sometimes you may have to go through all his social media profiles to certify that he is
  The best and easiest
way to do this is to use the most popular search engine which is Google.
 Go to,
search the persons website, email etc and relate the information with scam.
  For example, Malta linda scam
 This above keyword
will show all scam related records relating to the email or website.
 If you want to learn
tips to secure your websites,  social
media accounts etc or you want to learn web designing or design a website,
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