How to make money online from coding or programming

How to make money online from coding or programming

We are revealing how to make money online from coding or programming. Do you know you can make money online programming?

Have you ever wondered how much do computer programmers make? Today I will be revealing the secret on How to make money online from coding or programming. Do you know you can make money online programming?  Do you know you can do online programming jobs? Do you know you can make extra money as a programmer?  Just sit back because I will be showing you how to write codes and make money.

How to make money online from coding or programming
How to make money online from coding or programming

We are still in our make money online series. Today we are showing you how to make money online as a coder. So many people can code very well. Other have knowledge of a particular computer language while other have knowledge of almost all the computer language.

If you know how to code very well. I want to tell you that you have a very big opportunity of making money online. When I mean money online, I mean six digits income. So many people are making millions online from coding and code related jobs

Without wasting much of your time, let me show you ways to earn online as a coder.

You can earn money online as a programmer from

 Owning a website/ coding website:

How to make money online from coding or programming
How to make money online from coding or programming

You can create a website where you write tutorials on coding, useful coding tips etc and you can earn money from ads, sponsored posts, services etc.

You can offer freelancing coding job on your website by creating a landing page and converting the traffic to potential clients. So many people in need of coders can hire you. You can be asking yourself, can I make money creating apps or can I make money writing apps. Yes you can.

You can also add a shopping cart to your website and sell you scripts directly to your clients without stress.

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 How to get started

You can buy a fast and reliable hosting from Bluehost for as low as 3$ per month.

If you are in Nigeria, you can use domainking if you are in Nigeria.

You create either a business website or a code website. If you cannot do that you can a reliable web designer here.

After creating the website you can get a nice theme from Themeforest for as low as $10  to add more color to your website.

You can now do the necessary SEO setup for you website. You can hire a SEO freelancer here.

You can now start selling your services.

You can signup for Adsense, Chitika ads, and other ads networks to add more money to your account.

You can create a script and sell them online

Most of the themes we use on our websites are being done by coders. You can create your own script today and sell them at a mouth watery price. Scripts can be themes plugins, etc. For instance, the Yoast SEO plugin everyone uses today was created by a coder like you reading this post.

So you can do yours and make money from it. If you can create any script, you can sell it for free at the Codecanyon marketplace  or you can sell themes  at the Themeforest and make money from itThis is an online marketplace where you sell your themes, plugins etc for free without paying a dime. Its tested and trusted.

The only thing you will do is to sign up for a free account and start selling immediately.

 You can offer freelancing services online

This is one method that has been working for so many online users that have been working for so many people. So many people make a living from this. You can list your coding services there and get clients that will pay you to work for them.

Lets talk about the websites that you can list your services for free

This is the top freelancing website as of now. If you are on this planet and you don’t know about, I am sorry, I don’t think you have a mobile phone at all. I am joking. You can make huge money as freelance developer. You get jobs when people come to find freelance programmers  You can also offer services like freelance programming projects.

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You can create a gig there, list your services and add a price. You get the clients coming directly to you to work for them.

The only thing you do for them is to sign up for a free account. They will be taking commissions per sale but that does not matter because that is the support you give them for creating and updating such a big platform for you to come and earn for free.

This is another big freelancing services website. This is the same as because the do the same thing. You only have to register/ create an account and start listing your services for free.

You can also offer programming freelancing jobs here.

You can also list your services on social media and get clients

I started my freelancing job right there on my Facebook page. You can do the same. You can sell on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Googleplus etc

 How to start your social media marketing.

You can post about your coding services right there on your Facebook timeline.

You can also make it more professional by creating a Facebook page for your coding business. You can invite your friends to like your page and list your services there for free.

You can also run Facebook ads to reach more potential clients

  For instagram

Instagram have turned out to be one of the best social marketing platform. It used to be a platform where you share photos but now it now more than that. You can advertise you services, plugins and scripts there. If you have enough money, you can run an Instagram ads to reach more customers.

You also advertise on Googleplus. Just follow the steps above.


 You can earn money as a freelance programmer from vlogging.

 What is Vlogging? This is the same thing as blogging but in this case you are using only videos to teach.

You can start up with You can checkout my channel, no matter that I have not posted much videos there. You can check it out to see how a Youtube channel looks like.

You can start by teaching some coding tips, coding tutorials etc. You make nice videos and once your videos is nice, you can get huge subscribers and start making money from Youtube adsense.

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You can also make money from Vlogging by posting videos on This is an online marketplace where you sell videos. You can make a complete video tutorial and sell them at and make cool money. You can try it out.

The only thing you need here is a video with nice lens, a little knowledge of video editing and you are good to go.

You can start a coding firm if you have some cash.

If you have enough cash, you can hire a shop or an apartment and offer coding services to clients.

You can even employ other people to work with you. You can offer freelance programming and freelance coding work.

Last but not the least, You can apply to work for coding firms. If you are on low budget, you can opt to work for already existing coding firms. This is lucrative. For example, Coders working with facebook make millions monthly from their jobs.

You can see how lucrative this business is. If you want to quit, never think of that because there is a nice future for you.


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