13 Common SEO mistakes beginners make and how to fix them

Common seo mistakes

Common SEO mistakes beginners make and how to fix them

   There are tons of common SEO mistakes beginners make that will affect them adversely. I will be showing you how to fix them. As a beginner in SEO, you don’t know much about it and you will make some mistakes that may bring down your website or online business. This SEO mistakes may include keywords, backlinks etc.

Let me start by showing you me by one. In the cause of this tutorial, I will not write in big SEO terms, I will try to make it as simple as possible because I know am writing this for beginners. If I write in big terms, you may not understand it. Common seo mistakes

The common SEO mistakes beginners make and how to fix them

  1. Choosing a wrong domain name

SEO starts from the domain name you choose. Some many people ignore this but it affects SEO badly. If you want to create a website for business, you have to get a domain name that describes your business. For example, if you want to create an ecommerce website, you can get a domain like shoponline.com or onlinemarket.com. If you go and get something like mywebsite.com, you can see that this does not describe your business. Another example is a free classified website with the name sellatease.com, mere looking at this domain you will see that you know that the domain is related to selling.
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The reason I strongly recommend this is because any user that see the domain name knows that you offer the services he needs.

           2.Creating a nice Title and meta descriptions

This will tell what your website is all about. If you have a nice Title and meta description, you will get more clicks from Search engines. Anyone that finds your website on search results will read your description and if this is nice, you are getting clicks right away. Just add a short but descriptive meta description.

           3.Submitting your website only to Google search console.

Another common SEO mistake beginners make is Submitting you website to Google search console is a bad SEO habit. This is because you are in need of huge traffic so you don’t have to depend on only one source. You should submit to many search engines like Bing and Yandex. I tried this and its working perfectly fine. If you have not submitted your website to Google, Go to Search console and do that. You can check out full list of top 15 websites to share your posts and get traffic for free.

            4.Not submitting your sitemap to Google.

Google bots will crawl your websites without sitemap but it will not crawl and show all the the URLs. I tested this on one of my websites and I saw that it true. If you don’t submit sitemap to the search engines, it’s a bad  SEO practice.

         5. Targeting countries that are not related to your website.

So many people target countries that are not related to their website. Try to know your audience, then target that country. If your website is all about the whole world, you can target unlisted on the Google Search console. I will be making posts on how to target countries on Google Search console.

          6. Writing quantity not quality

So many people write quantity without quality. According to Yoast, you posts must be up to 300 words. You can write longer than that but it must be a quality post. Some people can write irrelevant things and make a post of 2000 words  but without any quality. Note: I never said that long posts are bad. No. Its good but always make it to be quality.
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            7. Keyword stuffing

This is an old method, its no longer working, you don’t have to stuff keywords to rank. You can rank with keyword stuffing but you will be penalized by Google later. Just add the keywords in strategic location and you will rank.

              8. Not using the right Keywords

Beginners always make this mistake, they use the wrong keywords. Use GoogleAdwords to find the best keywords for the post. Do  not just add keywords offhead.

          9. Optimizing website for PC version only

According to research, most searches are made with mobile phones. So many websites lose traffic as a result of bad user experience originating from bad mobile website version. This increases bounce and reduces search ranking. Let me bring it closer to you. How do you feel when you enter a website where you have to scroll from one side to the other, you will just bounce out because it not user friendly.

         10. Using blackhat SEO techniques

So many new beginners use black hat tricks to rank higher. This is another common SEO mistake beginners make .Some do it unknownly while some do it because you rank fast. You may be wondering what are the black hat tricks, its keyword stuffing etc. Blackhat SEO delivers high results in a small time but you will be penalized as time goes on. What will you gain by getting some amount of traffic and lose it all at the end and you will still be penalized. Its better you do the white hat SEO. This is the most important mistake to avoid.

              11. Being scared to link to other websites

So many beginners find it difficult to link to other websites. The don’t want to link to those websites because of one selfish interest or the other. They will say afterall is he linking to my own website? Why should I link to him. Does he even know that I exist? After reading this post, I know that you will start linking to other websites, by doing this, Google will rank you higher. For example, let me use my boss when it comes to SEO.  Neil Patel a SEO Expert from Neilpatel.com always say that backlinks is the bone of SEO. He also suggested linking as an alternative way of getting high quality backlinks. I will talk about that in our tutorial about how to build high quality backlinks to your website to rank higher.
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                12. Failing to proofread your post before posting.

Proofreading is the act of reading your content for errors. You must read your content to make sure that there is no spellings or grammar errors before posting it. How would you feel if you are reading a blog post and you don’t understand even a single line of it as a result of grammatical errors and spellings error. You will just leave the website. This is very bad for SEO because when your bounce rate increases, your ranking decreases and everything you worked for will just go in vain.

              13. Not focusing on On page SEO

This is another SEO mistake beginners make. If you want to rank higher, you must first of all perform the on page SEO of your website. There is a saying which says that charity begins at home. You must first of all add the title, meta description and keywords in the specified places. You should also add headings where appropriate. The HI tag and others. Google is not a magician, they work with the above mentioned information to rank your blog. I hope you have learnt something from this post. Follow us for more of this tips to grow your blogs and websites. We can do a SEO setup for you just go to our SEO page.

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