How to change your WordPress login URL

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How to change your WordPress login URL for security: Must read


   Are you looking for a ways on how to change your WordPress login URL? Are you looking for a way to customize your WordPress login URL?  The answer is here. I will walk you through on how to hide your WordPress login URL.

   The best plugin that can do this job is WP Hide Login. This awesome plugin is 100% free. You can download it for free from the WordPress plugin store or you can install it directly from your dashboard.

   How does WP Hide Login work?

   This plugin was created for security. This plugin will change your normal WordPress login link from the normal . It will change it to any custom link you choose. You can change it to name or any other link you wish to.

   Why should I change my WordPress login URL?

   Hiding you WordPress login URL is good to secure your website. Once someone has access to you dashboard, you may lose things you may not be able to recover from. At least, it will give the person more troubles when they try to hack into your website. The first trouble is that he will not know your login link to get into your login page talkless of inserting and testing a password.

  No matter that this plugin is not all you need for online security, but we will be bringing them to you one by one.

  Let me show you how to get started.

 How to change your WordPress login URL

  1. You must be logged in in your WordPress dashboard.

  2. Go to plugin>> Add New.

  3. Search for WP Hide Login.  You can read our guide on how to install a plugin.

  4. Install and activate the plugin.

  5. Once you activate the plugin, the login link will automatically change to . This is the default URL.

  6. You can change this in the settings, go to Setting>> WP Hide Login.

  7. You will see so many options there, scroll down and type in the login link you want to use in the box and you are good to go.

  8. You are done.


Questions some users ask.

 I can’t login my admin panel after installing the WP Hide my login plugin.


 You will not be able to login if you have already installed this plugin because once you activate this plugin. It will change the login to a default link which is

 To log in, add /login after you website URL  instead of the normal /wp-admin. You will be logged in.


 If you encounter any errors, you can drop it below.

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