How to install WordPress using Softaculous installer

This tutorial explains step by step how to install WordPress using Softaculous installer. We will also cover setting up a wordpress site.  Its also known as one click installer. As technology is advancing, the same way everything is getting easier as the day goes by.

This installer reduces the hassle of downloading the WordPress and uploading it through FTP, creating databases etc. With this Softaculous one click installer, you can install WordPress or any related CMS in a matter minutes. Once you follow my steps, you can install WordPress as a Pro even if you are a beginner.

The reason why I make out time to write this post is that if you make mistakes, it may hunt you later.

Mistakes beginners make when installing WordPress:

Installing WordPress on a sub folder/ directory and installing another CMS in place of WordPress.

control panel for hosting

                Let me show you step by steps on how to install WordPress using Softaculous one click installer.

  1. First Login to your Cpanel. If cannot do that contact your hosting provider.
  2. Scroll down to the auto install section at the bottom and click on Softaculous.
  3. Once you click on this option, you will be redirected to a page where you will choose the application you want to install.
  4. Choose WordPress or search for it.
  5. Click on install when you see WordPress.
  6. Fill in the Website name. Note you can still change it later.
  7. Fill in the title, description, administrative username and password, admin e-mail , fill in the website URL etc and click on install button.
  8. Remember  to choose a strong password for maximum security.
  9. Once this is done. You can login with To change you login link, you can read our tutorial on how to change login link.
  10. You are now a proud owner of a WordPress website.
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You can now start installing plugins.

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