How to reopen closed tab in Opera Mini

How to reopen closed tab in Opera Mini


    Many people have been searching for how to reopen closed tab in Opera Mini. Some many people close tabs mistakenly. Sometimes, you may close it when you want to open a new tab. Sometimes the closed tab may contain information you don’t want to miss.

 The remedy sometimes is to rush to the history tab and reload the page but that’s a long process.

 I will be showing you how to reopen a closed tab in Opera Mini in just one click.

 In the cause of the tutorial, I will not make it lengthy as I always do.

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How to reopen closed tab in Opera Mini

  1.  First of you have to open your opera mini but I know you are already on Opera mini 
  2.  When you remove the tab by mistake, 
  3.  Click on the tab icon below. See attached image. 
  4.  It will show you active tabs. 
  5.  Clicks on the options icon on the right. It is represented by three dots. See attached to reopen closed tabs in opera mini
  6.   A pop up will appear that will show you two options> 

    Reopen closed tab  

    Close all tabshow to reopen closed tabs in opera mini

  7.  Click on Reopen closed tab and it will reopen closed tab immediately.

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