How to stop Whatsapp media auto download

how to download whatsapp status images and videos on android

How to stop Whatsapp media auto download


   Are you looking for how to stop Whatsapp media auto download? Are you angry about the Whatsapp automatic downloads? Is it draining your data?  If yes, then you are at the right place.


 Whatsapp is a social network that connect millions of people around the world. It was bought by Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook. The limitations is that you can only connect with the people you have their mobile numbers.

  The messaging also has a group chat that makes it more interesting. This feature allows so many people to join and chat in a group.

  So many people abuse this groups by sending irrelevant photos and videos to the group. Whatsapp will download this photos and Videos  by default. This always drains data and its also annoying to see photos of those on your mobile phone. It also consumes storage space.

 Lets look at it this way, you are in 10 groups and those groups upload a minimum of 15 photos per day. That will be 150 photos per day. Lets multiply it by 28days. It will be 4200 photos a month. That’s pretty much. These photos can consume a huge space in your storage. That’s why I took time to write this detailed post on how to stop Whatsapp media auto download.


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  How to stop Whatsapp media automatic download

  1. Open your Whatsapp mobile app
  2. Click on the options icon at the top. See attached image.

How to stop whatsapp media auto download

  1. Click on Settings.


  1. It will take you to the settings page. Click on Data and Storage usage.


  1. Go to media auto download settings. Click on when using mobile data.


  1. Remove the options.


  1. Go to when on Wi-fi. You can tick all the option because Wi-Fi is free.


Once you are through with this. You are done. You have successful deactivate Whatsapp media auto download.

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