How to verify your Twitter account


 How to Verify your  Twitter account, How to verify Twitter account 2018 or how do you verify your twitter account


      Many of our users are asking about how to verify your Twitter account. Some are asking about how to get verified on Twitter and others are saying how to verify Twitter account 2018 and also how do you verify your twitter account.

 Update: Twitter has suspended its verification program for now. We will keep updated when they resume the program. Just follow our blog.

Let me teach you how to verify your Twitter account. You may say that it’s not necessary because they have suspended it but it’s not. The purpose of this post is to keep you on the safer side so that when Twitter resumes its account verification program you will be verified without stress.

  Having a verified Twitter account is always good. There is an amount respect accorded to it. For business or brand owners, it will add more trust and you will get more potential clients and this is equal to more money in your bank account.

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 There two main things you should do to verify your Twitter account :

  1. You need to verify your phone number. This is easy to do. You can verify your phone number here. Without this, you cannot be verified. You just have to put your phone number in the space provided, a message will be sent to the phone number, copy and paste the code and you are done.


  1. You need to confirm your email address: You can confirm your email address here. Confirming your email address is not a tedious task. You just type in your email address in the space given and click on verify. A mail will be sent to your inbox, click on the link in your inbox or copy the code they sent and paste it there.


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Steps on how to verify your Twitter account.

  1. Fill out your profile completely with profile picture, cover photo, your real name, your website, and a short but powerful bio.
  2. Add the verified phone number and the already confirm your email address.
  3. You must add your birthday.
  4. All your tweets must be set to “Public”
  5. Go to this page and fill out the verification form.

Once you are done with these 5 steps, you are done. Keep an eye on your email. Once you are verified, they will mail you.

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