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      Many beginners always ask the question what’s the difference between and I will be addressing that issue today. If you are a beginner and you are still looking self hosted  and free hosted


  Before I start talking about the difference between and, it’s not  right if I don’t walk you through on what is WordPress and how WordPress came into the web developing world.

  What is WordPress

   WordPress is an open source content management system [CMS]. In order words it’s a software you can use to create and manage websites. The meaning of open source is that its maintained and managed by volunteers around the world. It’s not owned by a company.

   Advantages of using WordPress.

   WordPress is the fastest growing CMS because its has so many mouth watery advantages. It’s the best beginner friendly CMS. You can create and manage blogs and websites on it with little or no knowledge. Creating a WordPress websites is almost the same way you create your Facebook account.

   It’s a mobile and SEO friendly CMS that will rank your website high if properly optimized. In the latest Google update, mobile optimization is very important because most people use mobile to access your website. You can go through the SEO mistakes that beginners make.

    Another outstanding feature is that you can create so many types of websites with WordPress ranging from blog, free classifieds, Ecommerce, business listings, social networks etc.

    WordPress powers 30% of the websites on the internet. This is to show you how far it has gone in the past eight years.

   Now let’s get down to the business of the day.

    What’s the difference between and

 Mere looking at it, you may just say that the only difference is the domain name extension. You you’re right but this is more than that. There are other things you won’t know unless an expert tells you about this.

The main thing when you talk about the difference between and is the hosting. One is self hosted while the other is already hosted.

    The above mentioned is  hosted. You don’t need to spend money hosting it outside the WordPress server. You can pay them to buy their hosting plans. They have a free plan but as usual, it comes with some limitations which we will outline in this post. is self hosted in the sense that you have to buy hosting and domain on your own. You only download the script and install it on your hosting. It is managed by the non profit WordPress organization. You may decide to buy a hosting from any website provider that suites you. We always recommend Bluehost to all our readers because after thorough review, we found out that they are simpy the best. 

  1. Cost of setup for each platform.

    In my own view, the cost of setting up a website is much higher than They have a free plan that you can use. As a human, you know that free things comes with some limitations. The free plan has some limited features. You domain name will always end with “”. You will be also get a 3GB of storage space. You will have access to thousands of themes and plugins.

  The cost of setting up this platform is cheaper. You can buy a domain and hosting from Bluehost for as low as 2.75$ a month. You will have access to host as many websites as you can because you own the hosting.

   Not only that this is cheaper than, you can also increase your hosting as your website grows. You can also install themes and plugins that you want from external sources.

  1. and management.

   You can manage this website from the admin panel only. You don’t have stress yourself upload one file or the other using the FTP. Everything has been done for you. You only need to just adjust some settings.

   Creating a website with is a bit tedious. You have to download the file and upload it to your hosting. Thanks to technology , you can now install WordPress with just one click. With this one click install, you have nothing to worry about, you just click install and sit back and watch. The only thing you need to do is to install plugins. You can learn how to install plugins here.

  1. Customization

  You cannot install themes or plugins from external sources in the free plan. It was impossible to install plugins on I think this was done for security reason because the fastest way of taking down a website is installing a backdoor on the website.
  The Good news now is that you canhow to insatll a plugins in the business plan.

   For this version of WordPress, you can install as many plugins and themes you hosting can accommodate. You don’t have to pay extra cash before doing this. You only pay for premium plugins.

 You have full control here, you can even edit your files and customize it the way you want. There is no limitations to it.

  1. Security and updates

 You don’t have anything to worry about security, they will take care of that. They will care of everything about security. This is the best in terms of security.

  For this platform, you are solely on your own. You secure and update your websites on your own. You update your plugins regularly. You are solely responsible for fighting spam on your website.

  The only way out here is to use a good hosting. With a good hosting, you are good to go because they will take care of your website security. That’s why we always recommend Bluehost to all our users.

  1. SEO

  You don’t have anything to worry about concerning SEO when you are on this platform. You are covered. They will take care of everything. You only have to connect your website to Google Search console. They have all necessary SEO plugins installed.

  This same thing applies here but in this cases, you do it yourself. You install plugins such as Yoast SEO plugin and other SEO plugins. You can make the best of SEO because you can install other plugins from external sources.

  1. Monetization

 This is always the first thing in the mind of beginners. Anyway, you should make monet from your website because you will update your websites with the money you make from it.

  This is the major difference between the two. Placing ads on this platform is not that easy. They are a commercial company and they need funds so they place ads on your website to earn money. They always place this ads on free websites. You may have control on these ads, some you may not have control over them. 

 Almost everything about this platform is not user friendly. The ads they display may not be user friendly. You users may not have a good user experience.

  In a situation where you infringe on any copy right violation or any other issue, you website will be deleted without notice and you can do nothing about it.

  You control everything that happens here. You make all the money to your bank account. You don’t see any ads from the WordPress. As for the content, you own everything. Your website cannot be deleted if you have any issue. You face it yourself.

  You place any type of ads you need and nobody will tell you not to do so.

 In conclusion.


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 The major difference is classified into two:

  1. The place you host your website. is hosted while is self hosted.

  1. The amount of control you have over the website.

 You have full control of while you have limited control over


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