Things to consider before buying a mobile phone

Infinix Note 5 specifications, review and price

 Things to consider before buying a mobile phone. All you need to know

There are many things to consider before buying a mobile phone. We will be walking you through the smartphone buying guide. This depends on the type of mobile phone you need, the specifications, the purpose and many other  factors we will be listing in our subsequent post.

Infinix Note 5 specifications, review and priceThis days there are tons of mobile phones in the market ranging from many operating system such as IOS, Android, windows etc. The same way we have so many OS, that’s the same way we have so many mobile phone company as well as tons of mobile phone brand.

You may regret buying a mobile phone if you fail to put this listed factors into consideration. You may get a mobile phone you don’t like and using a mobile phone you don’t like, you will end up smashing it or dropping it regularly.

   Let me start listing the things to consider before buying a mobile phone.

  1. The mobile phone operating system.

Before buying a mobile phone, you should check out and consider the mobile phone Operating system. There are so many mobile phone operating system that are available in the market today. We have Windows, Android, IOS etc. You should get the one you look the user interface and the one you are acquainted with. If you want to change to another OS, you should have a feel of the OS before purchasing it.

  1. The RAM

The RAM matters a lot. You have to get a RAM that suites the purpose. For example, if you are a heavy gamer, you need to buy phones like Infinix ZERO 5 that comes with 6GB RAM. If you purchase a mobile phone of 5OOMB RAM for gaming, you will never enjoy the mobile phone. For heavy gamers, I will suggest you buy a phone that come with 4GB ram and above for a better user experience.

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This days, you make every moment special by taking capturing every moment. If your main aim of buying the mobile is for taking photographs, you have to check the camera first. For example if you purchase the Tecno camon X pro that comes with 24MP camera. You will enjoy it. For the girls that snap a lot, same thing is applicable. If you are a travel blogger or you work is all about photograph, you should purchase a mobile phone with nice lens.


  1. Battery

This is one of the thing you should put into consideration. There are some people that makes their charger their companion. Any where you see them, a charger must be there with them. Instead of leaving the charger behind, they will leave their mobile phone behind because the heavy mobile phone users with a low battery capacity.  All this is caused as a result of not putting this into consideration. You should check to know if you are a heavy  mobile phone user before determining the mobile phone to buy. If you fail to put this into consideration, you will make your charger you companion.


  1. The Speed of the mobile matters.

Purchasing a phone that is always slow sucks. You may be loading a page for minutes. This is sometimes related to the RAM and the phone’s processing speed. Always put this into consideration.


  1. Build quality

This is related to the durability of the phone. You don’t have to buy a fake mobile phone. So many people make this mistakes a lot on the ground that its cheaper than other mobile phones. But do you know that the money you will spend fixing faults each day will exceed the price of the original one. I was once in this situation, I purchased a fake mobile phone, do you know that I take this phone to the repairer every week, it got to a time I auctioned off the phone at a price much more lower than the cost price. I will not let anything of such to happen to you that’s why I shared my story with you.

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  1. The Display

One of the key things to consider when purchasing a mobile phone is the display. Days are gone when people still use mobile phones with a small display. It sucks. I don’t like small displays. It don’t show you the real picture. You should try to know by the size of television in your parlour. I don’t think that there are still people who will prefer a 14” screen to a 21” screen.

The answer is no. No matter as a result of personality difference, you may like the small screen. But the main information I want to pass across is the fact that you should consider the screen size before purchasing the mobile phone.


  1. Storage

This one of the things to consider when buying a mobile phone. The storage will determine If your phone will be fast or not. You should examine yourself and see if you are a type that stores tons of file on your mobile, if you fall in this category, you should go for a mobile phone with a big storage capacity and also have a micro SD support.


  1. Security

This is one of the factors to consider before buying a mobile phone. If your data is not secure, you may lose it to theft and if this happens, the outcome is not always good. For some people, they go for IOS because it secured, you as an individual will look and see the one that works for you and purchase it.


  1. Audio and speakers

You should put this into consideration whenever  you are buying a mobile phone. You must check the speakers and audio system. If the audio is low you may enjoy it because sometimes you may not hear notifications when you are called or messaged. Its good to buy a mobile phone with a  nice audio system. Remember I never advise to buy a home theater in the name of a mobile phone. There are phones that the speakers can block your ears. This is not good for health, especially the ears. You may develop ear problem.

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  1. Availability of the phone parts for replacement.

This should be one of the major things you should consider before buying a mobile phone. Nobody prays to drop his phone or for his phone to  brick.  The same way we don’t know when we get into accidents, that’s the same way this things happens. You should always purchase a phone that its parts are available in your locality incase it the otherwise happens.




In conclusion, I hope you found this post helpful. Follow us and drop your comments below

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